Jennifer Anderson

1st Grade
Room: 124

Phone: 507-1624 ext. 124


First grade is an exciting year. We will learn to add and subtract in Math and by the end of the year, we will be adding two digit numbers and counting to 120. In Reading, we will learn how to tap out and blend sounds. We will practice sight words until we know all 200. We will work on fluency and comprehension strategies to helpus understand and retain what we read. We will practice composing informational, narrative and opinion pieces in Writing. In Social Studies, we will learn about our country as well as other countries and cultures around the world. In Science, we will learn to make observations and recordings using scientific tools. This will be a year filled with learning and fun!

About Me

I have been teaching first grade at Finley Farms for over ten years now. I love educating children of this age group. The growth and maturity that occur in these young students is amazing. I couldn't ask for a better job. When I'm not teaching at Finley, I love reading, going to the movies, getting outdoors, and spending time with my son, Jack.