Alice Stortini

ALP/Gifted Instructional Coach

GPS Gifted Education Website


My role as a gifted instructional coach consists of:

Curriculum Supporter – Locating information and resources to support standards-based, differentiated instruction for the gifted learner so he/she may attain academic growth. Developing and supporting teachers’ knowledge of the academic and social-emotional needs of the verbal, quantitative and nonverbally gifted learner.

Instructional Supporter – Modeling and/or co-teaching standards-based lessons that encompass differentiation in content, product and process. In addition, support teachers in selecting effective, research-based instructional and engagement strategies to meet the varied learning needs of gifted students.

Data Coach – Assisting teachers in looking at a variety of data to drive instructional decisions at the classroom level.

Professional Learning Facilitator – Coordinating, designing and/or facilitating, standards-based professional development aligned with the needs of the gifted learner. This includes professional development for both new and seasoned teachers focused on increasing rigor and complexity in all content areas, problem solving, critical and creative thinking, project-based learning, enrichment and acceleration, engagement strategies, and the social/emotional needs of the gifted child.

About Me

I have been teaching since 2001 and am currently in my fourth year as a ALP/Gifted Instructional Coach for GPS.  I have a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education, a Master's in Elementary Education and am gifted endorsed.  I have taught in all grade levels from 1st-6th, including multiple years as a pull-out gifted instructor.